If you don’t already know me, I will help you to get to know my background with computers and technology.

My name is Kurtis Manovich and I was born and raised proudly in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. I currently reside on a small acreage just south of Yorkton, but love being in the area as it has all the amenities of a bigger city, with the slower lifestyle that people can spend time enjoying the outdoors and silence that we all need sometimes.

I have always had a passion for anything electronic. From a very young age I played video games, and loved electronic gadgets like R/C Cars, Walkie Talkies and the like. Throughout high school I took several computer science classes that I learned to love.

After graduation in 2001, I took a year off school and installed automobile electronics including Stereos, Car alarms and Command starts. After the year off school I decided I was ready to take on a post-secondary education. I applied for and was accepted into SIAST (now Saskatchewan Polytechnic) in Saskatoon to take the Computer Systems Technology (CST) Diploma Course starting September 2002. The course was comprised of nearly every aspect of computers possible. Hardware, Networking and Programming. Most of the programming that we had done involved Java, VB.Net, PHP and SQL.

I graduated from the CST course in 2004. Soon after my schooling was complete I worked as a Computer Technician at a small computer shop in Saskatoon. Moving quickly in the technology world, I found myself a job at Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) in Saskatoon as a Computer Operator in 2005. After just over a year as a Computer Operator, I was promoted to Programmer/Analyst in the Database Administration area. I managed a database called “ADABAS” created by SoftwareAG. It was run on a Mainframe environment and was very powerful and like nothing I had worked with before. It was great!

In late 2008, I decided to move back to Yorkton, Saskatchewan where I grew up. I got a job as a Computer Technician at local computer shop repairing computers. Back to what I was doing when I first got out of school, it was nice to do some hardware work again, but I believed that my real calling was Programming and Administration. I got a job in the middle of 2009 with Brown’s Leisure World. I started work with them involving their own custom built Point-of-Sale software system that was built in Access with Visual Basic. I also started doing work on the website that was all originally done with static web pages along with an e-commerce cart system that was written in perl. Over my time there I converted the entire website over to a MySQL database along with PHP. The Point-of-Sale system has also been mostly converted to a VB.Net with MySQL project that is leaps and bounds faster than the Access Database that it previously was. I still do work for Brown’s Leisure World when I have spare time, or they run into technical problems.

Also in 2009, I was offered a position at Harvest Meats to do some programming in building a Warehouse Management System. I designed, built and implemented a system that was built with PHP and SQL Server. After that system went into place a Truck Loading System was next on the list. I was offered a full time position in the IT department to start doing everything and anything related to computers. The Truck Loading System was built and implemented. Both the WMS and TLS have been great successes. In the beginning of 2014 I took on the role of I.T Manager and am still in that position. I manage the entire computer system at Harvest Meats. This includes everything from PC upgrades to networking to server management and programming.

In June 2014 I started my own personal business, K.Manovich Consulting, as a way to help clients fulfill their computer system needs. I help users with basic PC related problems, to small businesses creating websites, as well as web hosting services.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Me and my history.